We had such an amazing Vino da Vinci event at Kinross Cottages & Vineyard right before the beautiful holiday craziness started. My inspiration for the class was Romero Britto pop art style paintings and Gibbston Valley's scenery.

Each student had their own canvas, acrylic paints, brushes, pencil, ruler, a stencil of the Central Otago Pinot Noir glass, etc. As the class progressed I loved how everyone went in their own direction and used each technique taught to create their own unique fun pieces. Several students had no painting experience at all and I’m so proud of ALL of their results! During the 2 breaks our students were able to delight their taste buds with incredible food & wine from Kinross’ kitchen & wine cellar.

Kinross provided the most delicious platters of food and offered amazing wine during the tastings! There was in-house smoked salmon & dips, cold cuts, mussels, roasted vegetables, cheeses, crackers and so much more. 5 of the regions finest, and may I say delectable, wines were presented: Wild Irishman, Valli, Hawkshead, Surveyor Thompson & Soho. YUM!

Partnering with Kinross was such a delightful experience that we decided to schedule our next one for Sunday, 24th January. My inspiration for this class will be Gustav Klimt Tree of Life painting and what our beautiful Central Otago Region has to offer in scenery and wines. Can't wait!   

Below please find pictures & comments from this past event, and looking forward of seeing you at our next one! 


"What a fabulous afternoon. Liisa enchanted us with her painting skills and taught in a fun and supportive manner."

"We left feeling creative and more than full after partaking of the platters of smoked salmon, cheeses and wine tasting. 
The management at Kinross are wonderful hosts."






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